Club Trophies and Awards

Oxted Offshore Sailing Club has a number of trophies that have been presented to the Club over the years. The accolades are normally awarded each Spring at the Annual Dinner for achievements during the previous year.


presented to the Club by Bill and Ann Lewis

2007Kevin Ludbrook
2008Robert Fellowes
2009Peter Garrett
2010 Colin Hall
2011Roger Cornish
2012 John Rutherford
2013 John Taylor
2014No award
2015Paul May
2016Bill and Chris Anstead
2017Jane Fowler
2018Gail Leaver
2019Sue Boag
2020Not Awarded
2021Peter Puttock
2022Richard Aust



presented to the club by Henry Moore and awarded to the highest achieving Oxted Offshore member entered in the Round the Island Race

2002Lawrence Nicholls Toy Box
2003 Lawrence Nicholls Galesma
2004Lawrence NichollsPlanet Peugeot
2005Lawrence Nicholls Sea Fever
2006Colin Hall Boysterous
2007 Andy GilesIslay Mist
2008 Jonathon BuxtonThunder 2
2009 Colin HallBoysterous
2010 Jane PaulsonStiletto
2011No award
2012 Jane PaulsonStiletto
2013John Rutherford Degree of Latitude
2014No awardNo award
2015John RutherfordDegree of Latitude
2016John Rutherford Degree of Latitude
2017Jasper DaleEasy Tiger
2018Howard RichardsonJumunu
2019Lesley BroomanJumunu
2020Not awarded (COVID)
2021Lesley BroomanJumunu
2022Howard RichardsonJumunu



presented to the club by Roger Cornish and awarded to the winner of an Alternative Round the Island Race

2008Kevin Ludbrook
2009Jasper Dale
2010Bob PerryMawimbi
2011Nick LeaverNick Nack
2012John Rutherford Degree of Latitude
2013 Not awarded
2014 Richard AustOne Life
2015Not awarded
2016 Not awarded
2017Paul MayLutine
2018Bill AnsteadAbraxus
2019Nick & Gail LeaverNick Nack
2020Not awarded (COVID)
2021Stewart CoiaAzanti
2022Not awarded



presented to the club by Bob Perry to the winner of any race taking place during a rally

Year Awarded Skipper and yachtEvent
2003Not awarded2003 Autumn Rally - no race
2004Not awarded2004 Summer Rally - no race
2005Henry Moore - Joy2005 Autumn Rally to Chichester
2006Bob Perry - Spice2006 Summer Rally
2006Bill & Ann Lewis - Musyk2006 Autumn Rally
2007Jane Paulson - Stiletto2007 Summer Rally to Poole
2007Henry Moore - Joy2007 Autumn Rally to Chichester
2008Not awarded2008 Autumn Rally - race abandoned
2009Not awarded2009 Summer Rally - race abandoned
2010Not awarded2010 Autumn Rally - no race
2011Not awarded2011 Autumn Rally to St Vaast - no race
2012Nick Leaver - Nick Nack2012 Spring Rally to Poole
2013Not awarded
2014 John Taylor - eVent2014 Spring Rally to Poole
2015John Rutherford - Dol2015 Spring Rally to Poole
2016Jane Fowler - Libra II2016 Autumn Rally to Chichester
2017Nick & Gail Leaver - Nick Nack2017 Spring Rally to Poole
2018Paul Jeffs - Jumunu2018 Spring Rally to Poole
2019Stuart Coia- Azanti2019 Spring Rally to Bembridge
2020Not awarded (COVID)
2021Not awarded
2022Paul Jeffs - Jumunu2022 Spring Rally to Itchenor



presented to the club by Paul May for the best contribution to Oxted Offshore Sailing Club

2015Fran Taylor
2016Nautilus Yachting
2017Jeremy Taylor
2018Fran Taylor
2019Bob Perry
2020Not Awarded
2021John Rutherford
2022Jeremy Taylor



presented to the club by Jasper Dale for endurance in heavy weather


2015Jeremy Taylor
2016Sue Boag
2017Not awarded
2018Nick and Gail Leaver
2019Jasper Dale
2020Not Awarded
2021Jeanette Frazer (Bubs)
2022Nikki Richardson



presented to the club by John Taylor in recognition of any attempt to reach a specific sailing goal. This award is dedicated to the memory of Robert Fellowes who was so inspirational in his sailing endeavours.

2018Nikki Richardson
2019John Rutherford
2020Not Awarded
2021Andreas Giles & Jane Poulson
2022Bill and Chris Anstead