Objectives and History

Objectives and History

The club was originated in September 2001 by Roger Cornish, Lawrence Nicholls and Henry Moore. They decided to form a club to attract other individuals who were also interested in sailing and who lived in the Oxted area.

The basic approach was and remains:

1. Initially there were no "officers" as such of the club, but an individual needed to be appointed who would be responsible for organising the regular meetings and any other activities. To ensure that no one felt that they may be taking on too long term of a commitment, it was agreed that the following two organisers were lined up. Lawrence agreed to be the initial organiser; Henry agreed to follow and Roger after that. As membership numbers expanded it was agreed that the organiser would be titled Commodore, with Lawrence being the founder Commodore, with the organisers in waiting being Vice and Rear Commodores.
2.The incumbent Commodore remains responsible for ensuring that his or her successor has the comfort of two subsequent Commodores lined up before leaving office. Therefore each outgoing Commodore is responsible for proposing an incoming Rear Commodore who subsequently would become the Vice Commodore and then Commodore four years later.
3.There should be no bureaucracy associated with the administration of the club. Hence the Commodore's decision would be final on all matters including membership.
4.There would be an annual Flag Officers dinner which would be attended by all Flag Officers and past Commodores. Ahead of this event members would be encouraged to put forward their views and ideas on the Club such that these could be discussed at dinner and the incumbent Commodore be made aware of them.
5.Membership should be as wide an age range as possible. Particular efforts would be made to encourage membership from outside the circle of friends and acquaintances of the founding members.
6.Criteria for membership would be simple. Enthusiasm for and preferably experience in offshore sailing. There would be no geographic restriction on membership.
7.The meetings and events would be entirely informal. There would be no formal speaking except in exceptional circumstances if the Commodore needed to address those present and which he or she had not been able to communicate by prior e-mail. General communications to the members would be through the Commodore.
8.Communication with individual club members on membership and administrative matters would be by e-mail and each member would be responsible for providing and updating as necessary the e-mail address held in the membership records.
9.General communication to the members would be through the Commodore. The Commodore would do regular (probably monthly) e-mails to members confirming meetings and giving other information.
10.The club will be run for the benefit of all the members.
11.There would be no subscription or annual accounts. Such limited costs which the club might incur in its administration would be recovered by any surplus from the drinks whip round at the monthly meeting.

Since then, the following has come out of various discussions with the members:

12.There should be an AGM so that members can ratify the appoint the Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore.
13.Commodore will be for a two-year period. Lawrence, as founder Commodore was in office for a three year period ending 28th February 2005.
14.There will be an annual dinner event where partners will be invited and that various sailing events may be organised or facilitated by the Club, including one or more rallies each year.
15.To remain a member an individual must attend at least one meeting or event each year.
16.There is a Caribbean section headed by Paul May. They have permission to fly an alternative to the Club burgee with a palm tree emblem.
17.There will be a motor boat section (currently headed by Peter Wilson).
18.For the avoidance of doubt, both female and male members are welcomed. Partners and children (18 years or older) of members are automatically entitled to become members subject to them attending one meeting or event and expressing an interest in joining.
19.The wide age range and spread of personalities in the club is a successful feature and efforts will continue to encourage membership particularly from friends of members other than founding members.
20.There should continue to be no subscription. It is important Members continue to promptly pay any proportion of any agreed expenditure for events etc as this is normally being interim financed by a fellow member.
21.Members are entitled to purchase and fly the Club burgee. These will be ordered when it is judged there are sufficient interest to make organising and cost viable.
22.All members acknowledge that they participate in any club activities entirely at their own risk. In addition, individual skippers must not rely upon any information provided by any Club Member or Officer but independently check any information which may effect the safety of their boat or crew. Members must agree to the Club's "Waiver of Liability" for all events and activities.
23.Whilst the monthly meetings will continue to be an informal get-together without a meal, from time to time supper meetings may be organised either locally or in yacht clubs elsewhere.