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  1. I have recently moved into the area and have stumbled across your web site.
    I work as a Fire Fighter in London, which has given me the opportunity to undertake some RYA qualifications including: VHF Radio, Day Skippers Theory, Yachtmaster Theory, Sea Survival.

    Last year I also obtained my Day Skipper Practical qualification, from Elite Sailing based at Chatham Maritine Marina.

    I would be very interested in offering myself as a crew member, for any forthcoming events planned in the Oxted Offshore calendar.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I’ve removed the ability for people to publish comments on the main page. You can do this via Quick Edit facility available on All Posts and All Pages.
    Regards… Jeremy…

  3. Fantastic week. Even Sharon has said how much she enjoyed it. Had some great sailing but even calm days were good. Many humerous moments to remember. Thanks to Kevin and Howard for organising it.

  4. Hi Mark,

    Why not pop in to one of our monthly club nights to meet other members and introduce yourself? We meet at Limpsfield Tennis Club on the second Wednesday of every month from about 8.30pm

  5. I agree with all your comments .Robert is greatly missed especially by me!
    Peter Garrett

  6. OXO southern reconnaissance yacht presently ghosting along at 4kts in light haze (weather terminology). Shadowing suspicious yacht flying Welsh flag and called Celtic Breeze acccording to intelligence picked up by our adniileb ROV covertly overnight.

    Now making way for Karacoeren. ETA about sundown but wind will fill in accordimg to wet finger met equipment mk3.

    Zarif. OUT

  7. OXO southern reconnaissance yacht again here. We boarded Celtic Breeze and they had good beer aboard as cargo which we tested out. Much fraternising with their crew in Karacoeran restaurant.

    Investigated pre Roman religious installations at dawn and sailed to Fethiye for first fresh water shower in 9 days (aparently according to Intelligence Officer Belinda it makes for much closer fraternisation) in the interests of the Crown and Country.

    Now anchored up in Fethiye Bay cove.

    Zarif Out.

  8. Rendezvous with OXO flagship (well actually strange ship with two joined together by a very large fridge) and received fresh orders.

    Cletic Breeze also united and captured veSsel Champurrs too so a formidable fleet assembled in Tomb Bay.

    Crews well fed ready for action.

    Mindsweeper Zarif. OUT

    • Good morning Mike.

      I’ve passed your enquiry on to Jeremy Taylor and Howard Richardson who are organising the flotilla in the Grenadines in January. One of them will be in touch with you soon.

      Best wishes
      John Taylor

  9. A prompt and most interesting log with some super photos. Well done OOS.
    We also enjoyed the islands having sailed north through them in 2013 when starting to head back from turkey.

  10. Itchenor visitors’ buoys are usually very popular if the weather is ok. Last time we were unable to reserve buoys so nicknack managed to get there early pm and prevent at least three other boats rafting on our one buoy by teatime. Eventually, we had four OOG boats on our one buoy (I think the maximum is 6??? but this may be size dependent.) The water taxi was also unavailable at the last minute so nicknack’s dinghy acted as ferry from/to the buoy/pontoon – two at a time plus driver so it took quite a time. Just so you are aware!

  11. NickNack’s comments noted! I was thinking that, rather than hanging off a mooring overnight I might take Jumunu up to Chichester Marina and use a roadworthy taxi rather than a water taxi. Chichester YC is within walking distance, and also has a restaurant. Premier has apartments and lodges available for people who would rather sleep in a bed than in a bunk. Just sayin’ !